What are we doing?

D-City is a collection of 2500 unique building plots on the ICP Blockchain. The original showcase features these NFTs in 2D, with the next step of the roadmap being to provide our holders with a 1:1 rendition of the plots that they own, in our 3D Metaverse Game.

Example image of a towerExample image of a tower

Why you should be a part of it

Each D-City Plot comes with its own, unique street address (concurrent to the plot's mint number), and will serve as the primary ticket to all further progressions within this project; the next being a collection of businesses that each of our citizens will have the opportunity to own and operate! For every three plots that someone owns, they will be airdropped one of these establishments upon their completion.

All plots that remain unaccounted for during this distribution period will be granted a WL spot to the persons who own them. All members holding a plot from the primary collection will automatically be WL for the business and future collections

Meet the Team


Artist / Designer


Community Manager


Project Manager

Mark Gardner

Lead Tech Dev

Faraz Mobin

3D Artist / Unity Dev

Willy Eklof